Practice Areas

From LEX FIRMA S.A. we work offering advice to our clients concerning labor issues. We handle simple matters related to the launching of a new company or the correct registration of employees, up to complex issues such as regulatory framework, collective bargaining and Collective Bargaining Agreements, restructurings, personnel transfers, etc.

In this sense, we deal with issues derived from individual labor law: contract termination, labor accidents and occupational diseases, both from the point of view of the employer as well as from that of the employee. We also work in complex actions generated by the development of collective labor law: Health Insurance for Union Workers, Medical Insurance, Pensions and other benefits, application of Collective Bargaining Agreements, etc.

Companies that market their products or services for consumers meet the challenge of having to comply with increasingly demanding regulations but, at the same time, it is necessary for them to maintain their necessary competitiveness to grow in the market.

In view of this, companies have to face the potential reputation or economic risk which a possible controversy with one or more clients could cause, whether through application of a penalty or punitive damages, as well as the bringing of a class action.

While going through this type of challenges, companies count with the support of LEX FIRMA S.A., which provides them advice as to prevention of conflicts, through the drafting, among other things, of non abusive contracts of adhesion, or designing terms and conditions for raffles and promotions that comply with the rules in force for consumer protection and commercial loyalty, but without neglecting our clients’ interests.


This department develops comprehensive plans that incorporate legal techniques to deal with personal and business issues, to protect family assets, and plan their transfer to family members.

We provide advice as to all aspects relating to business and personal issues, including the following: estate planning; preparation of wills, including observance of legitimate portion of the forced heirs under Argentine inheritance law, and tax rules.

To help our clients in achieving optimal solutions to plan successions, we provide coordinated consulting services through experienced attorneys who focus in a variety of legal issues, such as corporate and tax affairs, and who are assisted by the expertise of our attorneys specialized in finances, real estate, and litigation.


We provide advice and manage everything related to damages by accompanying in settlements, participating in negotiations, and managing cases in court and/or arbitration.

Our structure allows us to act in cases of large scale risks, such as corporate or matters of highly complex environmental nature, as well as in matters of civil liability automobiles accidents or labor risks.

We represent individuals or corporations in criminal cases in district attorney’s offices, courts or in administrative entities where the cases and/or accusations are filed. We participate in those proceedings related to civil cases which are being handled by the firm, as well as those filed by individual clients, both as defendants or victims.

The recent passing of laws that punish money laundering and corruption within Government itself and in private activity has incorporated Argentina to the group of countries at the forefront of the fight against these crimes. These laws gave rise to government entities which are totally new in our country such as the Anti-Corruption Bureau and the Financial Information Unit (UIF).

Our attorneys are well acquainted with contravention and misdemeanor rules that contain serious punishments such as penalties, closedowns, withdrawal of permits.

In what concerns corporate affairs we undertake the drafting of all documents related to the incorporation and registration of companies (both domestic and foreign ones) and all acts concerning their operation, up to their dissolution and liquidation.

We also perform jobs related to the registration of corporate acts. We offer consulting services to our clients on contract, trademark, database management, intellectual rights, and other issues.

We provide corporate and commercial advice on labor, administrative, tax, contract and other legal issues to those companies that choose us, with a business oriented approach.

We also offer consulting services in the planning and organization of new enterprises and investments abroad, interests in new business opportunities, and risk assessment. Lastly, this department provides advice on real estate transactions.

In this department we deal with everything concerning cases which different regulatory authorities may file against different entities, as well as their further follow-up before judicial courts, together with attorneys from the litigation area.

Thus, we are in charge of proceedings related to cases that have been filed against Banks with the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic due to breach of the obligations foreseen in bank rules, cases brought by the Securities & Exchange Commission due to alleged breach of public offering rules, and by the UIF (Financial Information Unit) by reason of hypothetical breach in the obligation of reporting suspicious transactions in the scope of Prevention of Assets Laundering.

Consulting services cover the different matters required by our clients, especially, those controversies that may arise with the national and local tax authorities.